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JTBF is an Investing In Communities Partner


We have served the community for over twenty years through sustainable education programs that provide skills based learning for youth. JTBF offers educational and inspirational programming and follow up to under-served youth from disadvantaged economic backgrounds at no cost to participants as we lay the foundation for their educational and professional excellence. JTBF provides a pathway to success for young adults through a learning and mentoring experience, which enables and encourages participants to explore the possibility, through academic achievement, of entering the law as their chosen career. 

JTBF offers year-round programs that not only support and encourage general academic success but we work specifically to nurture an interest in the law for diverse and other under-exposed students starting at the middle-school level, intensive summer workshops for high schoolers, externship opportunities with federal judges including intensive pre-placement training, and post graduation clerkships. 
Through education, mentorship and outreach, JTBF supports and encourages the highest levels of educational achievement of our students. As JTBF scholars continue their education, we also provide them with resources to succeed to and through law school and beyond, including preparatory materials for the LSAT and law school admissions, advanced critical thinking exercises, and assistance in obtaining judicial externships and/or clerkship experience.

Just The Beginning is pleased to invite all qualified law students to apply for Share the Wealth Clerkships.  Share The Wealth is special opportunity to be considered for multiple federal district court clerkships in one interview: 3L law students for fall 2014 and recent graduates interested in a federal judicial clerkship are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. The application process is ongoing for seven district court interview opportunities for the 2015-2016 clerkship term.  Share The Wealth encourages highly-qualified minority, underrepresented, and economically disadvantaged law students to apply for federal judicial clerkships.

Please click here to be directed to the application page.  The deadline to apply is August 18, 2014.

The JRC-JTB Judicial Internship Project will be entering its fifth year this fall and has been a highly successful diversity pipeline program.  Stay tuned for more information coming in September!

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Ron Safer, Managing Partner at Schiff Hardin, discusses why diversity and supporting JTBF is important to the firm:



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